Yukthi provides services relating to email and implementing solutions based on GNU Linux/FOSS.

Cloud (Hosted) Email

TotalOffice Cloud Email is provided out of dedicated services, fully operated by Yukthi, in high quality, reputed data centers. Email for the customer comes (for which the MX records, in the DNS, for the customer's domains should point to our servers) to our “MX hosts” , i.e. Servers which receive and process the email, including security checks, spam & virus filtering, Blacklist checks, etc. The processed email then goes to user mailboxes, from where users can access it using the IMAP/POP3 protocol, or use webmail. Outgoing email is sent by the user using SMTP.

Customers can get email for multiple domains; create group email id lists with restrictions; and get reports on email traffic. Email archival is also supported, with a copy of all incoming & outgoing email being sent to another mailbox,  from where it can be downloaded; or a Yahoo/Gmail id.

All the usual email clients like Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Evolution on desktops and standard clients on smartphones (Android e.g. K-9, iPhone) are supported. (Note that we do not re-sell space from other service providers.)

Important Features:

> Robust spam, virus filtering
> SMTP, POP3 protocol support
> IMAP support (view same email/folders from anywhere/any device. Blackberry shows only Inbox, Sent)
> Access email with a browser (webmail)
> Email archival
> Group email ids
> Auto forwarding & vacation messages
> Multiple domain support (e.g. a@b.com & x@y.com come to the same user account)
> Works with all standard email clients - Outlook / Thunderbird / Evolution / mobile device clients
> Shared calendars & address books (access full features with browser, Thunderbird)
> Sync addressbook, calendar with Outlook, mobile devices (Android, Blackberry)
> Helpdesk support - Telephone, Email
> Charges based on number of users & space. Flexible plans; Monthly / Qtrly / Annual payment options

TotalOffice Mass Mail

This service allows you to send custom emails to a list of recipients - it is very easy to use, with no complexities of databases, tracking, clicks, etc.

All that the user needs to do is:

These files are uploaded using the web interface. There is a provision for attaching files to the email message, apart from inline images (which don't show as attachments.) The “From” line and “Subject” line also need to be specified. The message is then “merged” and sent out to all the recipients listed in the merge file, one message per recipient. The recipient therefore feels that he/she has received an individual/personal email, which leads to a better impression and higher chances of a response.

There is also an option to attach individual files to each recipient's email. It could be used to send individual letters (e.g. offer letters), invoices, etc.

It is a web based hosted service (SaaS) and customers only need to pay based on the number of emails they will be sending out. It can also be implemented on a system in the customer's office.

If the customer has an application which needs to send out email, an SMTP based relay service can be provided.

Note that this service is available for bona fide businesses and not spammers. It is ideal for alerts/notifications; sending periodical statements; sending company reports to shareholders (by company secretaries); business/industry/alumni associations; professional and trade bodies.

Custom Setup of Linux Servers

Yukthi has vast expertise in setting up Linux servers, using standard open source components, for applications like Email and Proxy; we have set up 100s of such servers over the years.

Enterprise Email Servers

Custom setup of email servers, which can scale up to 10s of thousands of users:

Enterprise Web Proxy Servers

Setup of Proxy servers for browsing, with:

Linux server setup

Yukthi has many years of expertise in various Linux/FOSS related modules, and can setup custom servers/services (including hardware sizing, initial setup, training and ongoing management) using these: