TotalOffice is a unique offering which meets the common requirements
of today's businesses:

  • Trouble free email, without spam and viruses; and records of old email

  • Preventing misuse of Internet facilities, by blocking chat, non-work sites

  • Connecting securely to HO/HQ from branch offices, warehouses, retail outlets; and applications like ERP, Tally

  • Manage Branch Offices (security, data backup, connectivity, troubleshooting)

  • Prevent leakage of important, confidential information from the company

  • Cut IT costs by reducing software licensing requirements; and reducing PCs required by sharing

  • Create a system dependent, process oriented work environment - increase satisfaction of internal/external customers

It comes with a comprehensive managed service, to enable customers to just use it, without worrying about any technical details.

TotalOffice Server

The TotalOffice Server is setup in the customer's office, and consists of the following modules:


SSL based VPN which can be used to connect users to the head office or multiple offices (site-to-site), securely. Users will be provided with certificates to connect, and can additionally be authenticated with username/password.

File Server:

Acts as a central file repository for a network of Windows (TM) and Linux desktops, with user authentication and access permissions. It can also act as a Domain Controller, and provide central authentication, thereby allowing users to login from any system on the network, and get access to network resources with the set permissions. Data backups of desktop shares can also be taken on the Server's hard disk. Off site data backups are also possible.

It is therefore a complete Intranet server (like an SMB server) for SMBs and can be considered as an alternative to (or to replace) Microsoft (R) Small Business Server (TM).