For any business to sustain, prosper and grow today, Information Technology (IT) is essential. But every business is not about IT or dealing with its complexities.

Yukthi provides a suite of IT solutions and services to address the key business needs of growing enterprises - specifically the SME/SMB sector. These solutions are provided at affordable price points, which could be 40-60% lower than conventional solutions.

There are certain compelling reasons as to why Yukthi's solutions & services merit serious consideration:

  • These solutions address the most common, essential requirements of SMEs:
  • Yukthi leverages Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) and GNU/Linux for creating solutions, resulting in stable, low cost solutions
  • The solutions are provided as managed services, on a "pay-as-you-go" model, rather than huge upfront investments
  • Managed service also means - just use, Yukthi takes care of all the technical details
  • Custom software solutions - using the low risk Agile methodology, ensuring that you get the solution you actually need, and it works.
  • Rapid data processing, even for large data sets, so that you get usable/actionable data

Hence, Yukthi is confident that every growing business could be well-served by its services / products.