About Us

Founded in 2000, Yukthi Systems Pvt. Ltd. is probably the oldest company in India providing IT infrastructure solutions based on FOSS/Linux. Over the years, we have setup 100s of servers, have 10s of thousands of users and have Gigabytes of email flows per month.

We address the IT needs of growing enterprises, especially in non-IT companies, by providing appropriate solutions. The philisophy is to provide solutions which help in or are required by the customer's business, but without any loss of focus from their main business.

  • Some of these solutions are centered around basic "infrastructure" functions like email, Internet security, file storage/backup/exchange; Intranets/ECMS and applications to for processes like internal/external customer support or fault/repair management. We also help companies slash IT costs by migrating from expensive, licensed software to FOSS/Linux solutions with far lower TCO.

  • Software and applications: We provide highly customizable applications like Document Management & Work Management, apart from custom development services. We also provide data processing services.

Yukthi's offerings, including TotalOffice have found wide acceptance in India, with customers in a diverse set of industries.